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Ottawa Residential Dumpster Bin Rental
Ottawa Residential Bin Rental services
$250 Service Fee + Tonnage (1 Tonne Minimum)

Ottawa Residential Dumpster Bin Rental

Chayse’n Trash’s residential disposal rentals are custom bins designed to maximize your bin rental experience. Our 15-yard bins are not only constructed with the highest quality but are set at a footprint that is best for any project and place. These versatile features are what make our bin the perfect one to provide the maximum volume with a minimum footprint. With top-of-the-line, cutting-edge equipment and a highly qualified team, we do our best to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for, its our guarantee.


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When To Consider A Residential Dumpster Rental

Every home eventually requires renovations, whether you recently purchased a new home or have been living in it for over ten years and want to change things up. But even small renovation projects can accumulate significant amounts of waste. Waste that you will need to get rid of.

But it does not necessarily take an entire renovation. Many people tend to accumulate stuff over time and clutter their attics, garages, and other rooms with it. Chances are that, eventually, you will want to go through the accumulated belongings and throw a lot of it out (presumably to make space for new stuff).

A residential garbage bin rental from Chayse’n Trash is a convenient solution to dispose of your renovation or cleaning waste.

Residential Waste Bin Rental - How It Works?

Ottawa Residential Dumpster Rental
The process of placing a residential waste bin rental is very straightforward. Simply contact us to receive your free estimate. We recommend that you get your free estimate before booking your 15-yard bin to get an accurate price estimate. Let us know what you are planning on disposing of, so we can include any potential additional Residential Disposal Rental charges. Once you have a free estimate, it is time to book your Ottawa residential dumpster rental. Simply tell us when and where you need the residential waste bin rental, and one of our skilled and certified drivers will deliver the bin on time. If you are within the Ottawa region, you don’t even need to plan far ahead – we can deliver a bin within 24-hours in the Ottawa region. Once the bin has been delivered, you can start the process of loading up the bin with your items. When you are done, simply give us a call. We will pick up the bin again and dispose of the waste for you.

How Much Does Ottawa Residential Garbage Bin Rental Cost

We charge you a $250 service fee plus a base fee of $140 for 1 ton of waste. Should you exceed the 1-ton limit, we will charge a pro-rated fee of $140 per metric ton (so you only pay for what you actually put in the bin).

Please also be aware of which items do not go in the bin (see below) and of any extra charges that may apply at local garbage disposal sites. Those fees can range from $5 to $250. To avoid any surprises, it is best to check with us about the items you intend to put in the residential garbage bin rental and get a free estimate ahead of booking your residential waste bin rental.

Ottawa Residential Garbage Bin Rental

What To Put In The Ottawa Residential Dumpster Rental (And What Not)

Before you get to disposing of your residential waste, it is important to know what you can put in the residential bin rental – and, perhaps even more importantly, what items you cannot put in it under any circumstances.

Items that do not go in a residential disposal bin rental include batteries, paint, toxic materials, oils and other liquids, hazardous waste materials (except asbestos), explosives, and pressurized containers such as propane tanks.

Tires can be placed in the residential garbage bin rental. However, please ensure to keep them separate from the rest, as tires will not be recycled alongside other materials or appliances.

Finally, items such as kitchen appliances, furniture, televisions and computer monitors, white goods, telephone poles, railroad ties, agricultural waste, and asbestos may be subject to additional charges at the waste disposal site and can affect your overall total cost.

If you are unsure whether additional charges may apply, let us know which items you plan on disposing of beforehand so we can include potential charges in your free estimate.

Also, feel free to contact us in case you are unsure whether you can include certain items in the residential garbage bin rental.

Rental Duration For Ottawa Residential Waste Disposal Bin Rental

Ottawa Residential Waste Bin Rental

All our rentals can be used for up to 7 days and include delivery, pick-up, and waste disposal. However, you do not have to keep your Ottawa residential garbage bin rental for the full 7 days. You can give us a call at any time during the rental period and ask us to pick up the Ottawa residential dumpster rental.

Safety and Driveway Protection For Ottawa Residential Bin Rental

Dumpsters are heavy – even without waste. It is, therefore, important to protect your driveway during your residential dumpster rental. We have devised a driveway protection system that we place underneath the dumpster at all times. This protects your driveway from any damage during your Ottawa residential garbage bin rental.

We will always choose a flat and hard surface – like your driveway – to place the dumpster. Should you decide to move the dumpster during your rental, you are free to do so. However, it is important to know which surfaces to place the bin on – and which not to!

For your own safety, you should always avoid placing a dumpster on slopes, city streets, soft grounds, and third-party property. To avoid having to move the dumpster, we recommend that you dedicate a specific, suitable spot for the dumpster and ask our experienced driver for any questions regarding the placement of the dumpster.

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If you are looking to renovate or declutter your house and need a residential dumpster rental, Chayse’n Trash is here for you! Our 15-yard bins are top-of-the-line, and our highly qualified team can provide you with timely service and support to ensure your waste disposal is on time and causes as few headaches as possible!

For more information on our residential waste bin rental service or to receive your free estimate, contact us today!