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RB400 Equipter Rental Service
RB400 Equipter Bin Rental Service

Equipter RB400 Rental Ottawa

Equipter RB4000 - All the user-favourite functions combine to create a versatile piece of equipment that serves as transportation for tools and supplies across the job site and a portable dumpster that’s easy to navigate in tight spaces.

The RB400 is drivable, towable, extendable to 4 feet, lifts up to 12 feet, and features a hydraulic tailgate.


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What is the Equipter RB4000?

The RB4000 is one of the latest innovations in the industry. While it is especially popular with roofing companies (for obvious reasons that will be laid out in a moment) it is actually quite versatile and beneficial to other industries as well. It is ideal to transport tools and supplies to and from job sites and makes disposing of (roofing) waste and debris easier than ever before while also protecting your customer’s property thanks to its smart debris management system.

The Equipter RB4000 is a towable, self-propelled trailer. It is extendable for up to 4 feet and lifts up to 12 feet, making it the perfect tool for roofing companies, especially when working on residential jobs. Not only does that feature make it easier to hold material in it, but it also eases jobs for your workers and increases your productivity. It can hold about 4 cubic yards and enables you to drop debris and waste into a regular industrial-sized dumpster.

The RB4000 Equipter requires your towing vehicle’s GVWR capacity to be higher than the vehicle and the Equipter combined. Although this means that the R4000 Equipter can usually be towed with such common cars as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado, we do recommend checking whether your vehicle fulfills the requirements. Feel free to ask us in case you have any questions about whether your vehicle is right to tow the RB4000 Equipter.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of The RB4000 Equipter?

Equipter Rb4000 For Rent

We already mentioned that the RB4000 Equipter lifts up to 12 feet. Its container also possesses a hydraulic tailgate that serves as a connector between the container and the roof. Because it is designed by roofing experts, it is an especially good fit for roofing companies and can increase their productivity by a reported 20% or more and help them close an additional 1-2 jobs per month on average.

But choosing an Equipter RB4000 Roofing Trailer Rental can not only benefit roofing companies. Its 4,000 lbs capacity can help other contracting companies (for example, home renovation) in disposing of waste and debris easily as well by preserving energy, saving time, and thus increasing your productivity.

Why Choose A RB4000 Equipter Rental?

With all these advantages, you may ask why you should go with an RB4000 Equipter rental instead of outright buying it. There are actually a few good reasons.

Number one is that the RB4000 Equipter is quite a big investment. The price in Canada starts around $40,000, and you want to make sure that this kind of money is well invested. An RB4000 Equipter Rental can serve as a trial to see whether it can indeed increase productivity and help you calculate what time the investment may start to pay off.

A second reason may be that you only plan to use the RB4000 Equipter for the odd job and not on every site. An RB4000 Equipter rental can prove beneficial in those situations and pay off even in the short term.

Finally, there is one more reason why an RB4000 Equipter rental may be preferable to actually downright buying it: new companies often don’t qualify for financing options right away. When you are trying to get your business off the ground, the increased productivity associated with the RB4000 Equipter may make a short-term rental attractive.

RB4000 Equipter Rental Ottawa

Smart Debris Management System
Equipter Rb4000 Roofing Trailer Rental

Equipter Rb4000 Roofing Trailer Rental Ottawa

One concern for customers, aside from getting their project done on time and on budget, is to make sure that there is no damage to their property after the contractor crew leaves. Thanks to its smart debris management system, the Equipter RB4000 Roofing Trailer rental leaves the customer’s property intact with no damage to landscaping or house exteriors.

The Equipter RB4000 features an aluminum bed and wide tires, both of which help distribute its weight evenly and protect your customer’s landscaping and driveways. Further, the 4-foot roll-back function allows for the RB400 to be placed above obstacles such as hedges, fences, or patios and makes areas that would usually be hard to reach more accessible. 

In A Nutshell

Again, there are several reasons why you should consider an RB4000 Equipter rental. The Equipter RB4000


  • – increases productivity by 20% or more, enabling you to take on more jobs
  • – conserves your workers’ energy
  • – protects your client’s property thanks to its smart debris management system
  • – is easy to navigate and very versatile

For pricing information and to receive your free estimate for your Equipter RB4000 roofing trailer rental, contact us directly. We are confident that once you have worked with the Equipter RB4000, you will go back to it again and again.

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