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626 Crozier Rd, Oxford Mills, ON, K0G1S0
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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you’re looking for are always at your reach when you choose to do business with Chayse'n Trash. We’re constantly updating our FAQs below in order to reflect important company updates. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please reach out - our team is always ready to help.
Will the dumpster damage my driveway?
We use extreme caution when placing our dumpster bins on your driveway. We have put together a driveway protection system that is always placed underneath the dumpster so that the dumpster rental never touches your actual driveway.
How long until my bin is delivered?
We do our best to accommodate your requests and understand some inquiries can be last minute de-cluttering, yard clean up or renovations sessions. That being said we will do our best to get you a bin rental with same-day delivery
What can not go into the dumpster?
There are a number of materials, some of them hazardous, that shouldn't be thrown into a rental dumpster, from asbestos and old tires to ammunition and leftover paint. ​​ No liquids, batteries, paint, toxic materials, oils, hazardous waste materials, explosives, pressurized containers of any kind (including propane tanks). Tires, like several other household items require extra care when it comes time to throw them out. You can put them in your dumpster rental, but please keep them separate as they cannot be recycled with other items. These items include but are not limited too; Mattresses, couches, appliances, televisions, computer monitors, white goods, asbestos, telephone poles, railroad ties, and agriculture waste may be subject to additional charges at local disposal facilities. Fees could range from $5.00 - $250.00 per item. If you're not sure about something please contact us with any questions or concerns
Do I have to be home when the bin is delivered?
Great question! Answer is Nope! But please be sure you clearly inform us where you'd like your dumpster rental placed when scheduling your bin rental.
How much does it cost for a day bin rental?
Chayse'n Trash's dumpster rental contract period is a full 7 days. You may not have to keep it for the full 7 days but it's good to have. The rental price includes a 7 day bin rental, delivery, pick-up, transfer to the Waste Management Facility and our driveway protection system.
Will the dumpster fit in my driveway?
Our custom disposal bins are products designed to maximize your bin rental experience. Our 14 yard bins are not only constructed at the highest quality but are set at a footprint that is best for any project and any place. These versatile features serve as the perfect bin to provide the maximum volume with a minimum footprint. With top-of-the-line, cutting-edge equipment and a highly qualified team, we do our best to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for and we guarantee complete satisfaction.
Can I place the dumpster on any surface?
There are ideal surfaces for a dumpster placement as well as surfaces to avoid! ​ IDEAL Flat, hard surfaces - like a driveway - are ideal for dumpster placement. AVOID Surfaces to avoid include: slopes, city streets (without a permit), soft ground and property that's not your own.
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